The Military Polo Shirt – the Perfect Balanced Look

Military clothes tend to be quite strongly divided with regards to their overall appearance – most of them tend to be either overly “rugged” or extremely stylish and therefore inappropriate for most casual encounters. There are some examples that strike a fine balance between these two extremes though, but they’re still not as common as they should be. If you’re looking for something in that sweet middle ground, you should definitely consider military polo shirts as an option.

The military polo shirt is pretty similar to the regular design of a polo shirt in general, but it features some small differences that may make you either love it or hate it. Some people actually refuse to look back at their regular polos once they’ve discovered the world of military polo shirts, and we’re not talking about fans of military clothing either!

There are actually some who enjoy wearing military polo shirts just for the various conveniences they provide compared to their standard counterparts, and if you’re still not convinced that this is a look you should try, read on to find out how it can benefit you.

The first thing you’re likely going to notice about military polo shirts is that they tend to accent on functionality over aesthetics with most of the features in their design – though on the other hand, some of the design elements common for regular polo shirts that are also associated with functionality tend to be missing. For example, most military polo shirts lack the low-hanging back that’s common in the traditional design of the polo shirt, and the sleeves tend to have a different finishing as well.

There’s also a noticeable difference in the way logos and graphics in general are applied to military polo shirts compared to regular ones – whereas a regular polo shirt usually has a small, minimalistic logo that follows some unwritten rules about its size and contents, most designers of military polo shirts usually disregard these guidelines completely and include large, easily noticeable and often highly detailed logos on their models that can easily separate them from the rest.

If you’re looking for a military polo shirt that bears the logo of a specific military unit, you can usually very easily find one that has the logo displayed in a large size and with all the intricate details it normally has – as opposed to a one-colored outline design or something along those lines which you’d commonly see on standard polo shirts.

Don’t forget about the collar – arguably the most characteristic feature of a polo shirt. In military polo shirts, the collar is typically a bit stiffer than in regular ones, and can be more difficult to keep it raised. There are some designs that allow you to easily wear the shirt with a raised collar, but you’ll have to try them on yourself before buying to ensure that they fit this criteria.

The buttons on the collar may also be of a random count instead of the standard pair found on most traditional designs, though most military polo shirts use a standard count of three.

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Look for Some Variety When Shopping for British Army T-Shirts!

Different sub-styles of military clothing tend to follow some intricate rules and patterns that set them apart from the other styles within this fashion trend – for example, British Army t-shirts are very easily recognizable due to some specific design choices featured in them, such as the frequent use of the colors green and red, as well as some specific features regarding the physical design of the shirt (the way stitches are done, as well as how the trims are shaped and other things that become easier to spot after you’ve had some experience with this trend).

So if you’re a fan of British Army t-shirts and love dressing yourself with them on a regular basis, you may want to pay some attention to the design variety the next time you set out to shop for a new batch of shirts. In the end, the whole idea of wearing military clothing is to look unique and different – but that doesn’t mean that you should confine yourself to one specific look and never explore its options, as that pretty much negates the whole point.

Shopping for British Army t-shirts will usually lead you to some different design philosophies as you move from one manufacturer/designer to the other – so it’s important to realize that you shouldn’t just shop from one single place, but explore the different outlets in your area, as well as the online stores that have good shipping deals to your place. If you live in the UK itself, you should have a great choice of options regarding your choice of British Army t-shirts – there are quite a lot of designers making shirts of this type in the country.

Living outside the UK doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get any variety in your clothing though – it just means you’ll need to look harder to get the same choice of options in general. For example, if you only have one store that sells military clothing in your area, you may want to explore the alternative options for shopping, such as thrift stores and even popular malls – you never know where you’re going to find the next perfect t-shirt that suits your overall looks.

Also, if you can, forget about the idea of camouflage for your next shopping – many people tend to concentrate on getting shirts with camouflage patterns on them when they’re looking for military clothes, thinking that this is what defines military apparel in general. That’s far from true, and in fact some British Army t-shirts can look even more easily recognizable and related to the British Army because their lack of camouflage patterns makes it possible to focus the design on the logo entirely, allowing the designer to display it much more clearly. A small graphic that otherwise gets obscured by the camouflage around it can become very easily visible by removing those patterns, so this is one of the things you should consider looking into if you’ve been buying all your British Army t-shirts with camouflage patterns so far.

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A More Unique Approach to Military Clothing with Parachute Regiment T-Shirts

Military clothing doesn’t have to be plain and boring! It also certainly doesn’t have to feature an excessive use of the color green and camouflage patterns, especially when you know all the different options available to you and how to make proper use of them. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and interesting, with an undertone of elegance behind it, you should definitely give a try to Parachute Regiment t-shirts.

Let’s just get this out of the way first – even though there are various parachute regiments around the world – many armies have their own – the most popular and iconic one is the British Parachute Regiment specifically. Thus, when you’re talking about Parachute Regiment t-shirts, in pretty much any case you’d be talking specifically about shirts designed after the British version of this military unit. And even though there are some designers who incorporate details from other Parachute Regiments into their clothing, the British one is the one you’re going to see featured most often.

What’s so special about Parachute Regiment t-shirts that makes them so attractive to people looking for something more different though? The choice of colors is the most obvious difference – whereas the majority of clothes in the military line of fashion tend to be designed with green, black and white, Parachute Regiment t-shirts are commonly purple and red. These are the colors associated with the British Army itself, and more specifically its Parachute Regiment – and it’s quite normal to see Parachute Regiment t-shirts in heavy purple tones, sometimes even bordering pink in their shades.

Something else that’s common between most designs for Parachute Regiment t-shirts is the way the logos and graphics are represented – you’ll commonly see them featured in a small and subtle manner on the shirts, instead of large flashy logos that are obvious from afar. This is stemming from the general design styles featured by the Parachute Regiment and the British Army in general, so it’s not surprising that t-shirts designed after this military unit also follow the same trends. There are some options for t-shirts featuring a large logo displayed over the whole front of the shirt and other similar ideas in general, but you’ll have to look a bit harder and more thoroughly to find them, and even then you’d be somewhat limited in your choice of options.

If you’re looking for variety in the colors of your Parachute Regiment t-shirts, your best bet would be to get in touch with a store that allows you to customize your clothes before buying them – if you’re able to place a custom order, you should be able to pick an arbitrary base color for the shirt and then just decorate it with the corresponding insignia to tie it to the Parachute Regiment in general. Of course, you may lose a bit of the recognition factor by doing things this way, because not everyone would be able to immediately tell that you’re wearing Parachute Regiment t-shirts unless they pay close attention to the logo or the other graphic features you’ve used.

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Army T-Shirts Don’t Have to Be Green

A common misconception when it comes to military clothing – and more specifically, army t-shirts – is that the majority of your options are going to be green, because that’s the color associated with the army in general. And while it’s true that you can find plenty of clothes colored in green if that’s your thing, it’s far from your only option – there are plenty of choices you can make to configure your appearance properly, so remember that the next time you’re out shopping for a new set of army t-shirts.

To tell you the truth, your choice won’t even be limited to a specific range of colors when you’re shopping for army t-shirts – any color you can think of would be featured on at least several different and unique-looking shirts. Blue, black, red – even pink if that’s your thing – are all an option when you’re buying shirts with military designs. Sure, it’s true that you may notice a bit less variety in the different designs available to you if you want to go with something other than green, but it’s far from the case of not having any options at all!

If you want to stick with green as a primary color for most of the army t-shirts you’re buying but still want to throw in some variety and detail in them, the perfect way to do that is by using camouflage patterns. Those don’t have to be colored in the same basic colors that the shirt uses and can often make it look quite varied and unique – you can even have two shirts using the exact same choice of colors but still looking completely differently simply because they have a different camouflage pattern on them. Any good military clothing store should carry models with the popular camouflage patterns, so it shouldn’t be very different to find something that suits your needs.

Knowing the different patterns out there is going to be quite useful if you want to minimize the time you need to do your shopping because it will let you know exactly what you’re looking for. The most common style of camouflage, the “paint spots” design, is slowly becoming less and less common with actual military uniforms, as it’s being replaced by the more efficient (and easy to produce) “pixel” pattern, which is generated by a computer and is designed in a way that more closely mimics the actual appearance of natural environments, allowing the wearer to blend in much more easily with their surroundings. This camouflage pattern tends to look quite good in combination with some graphics too, making it the ideal option for spicing up the appearance of your army t-shirts in general.

Don’t forget that in the end, something simple and plain-looking can work just as well though – a solid-colored shirt with a small logo of a military unit on it or something like that, for example. Don’t disregard the effectiveness of simpler designs and you’re quickly going to realize just how varied and interesting the overall appearance of military clothing can be!

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Endless Variety with Blazer Badges – Time to Define Your Style?

Customizing your appearance has never been easier than nowadays – there are so many different fashion styles to choose from, and then you can go the extra mile and personalize the actual clothes to a degree that lets them fully reflect your personality and preferences. This wasn’t really possible just a few decades ago, and today we’re seeing an unprecedented bloom in the desire to achieve a high level of personality with clothes among people. One of the best things available at your disposal are blazer badges – something which originated from military clothing, but has since spread out to all the other styles of clothing out there and can be utilized by people who dress in all sorts of ways.

The basic idea of blazer badges is simple – they’re small patches of fabric that can be applied to your clothes in different ways (typically by sewing them on) and they let you customize those clothes’ appearance by adding logos and other graphics to them easily and without all the hassle that commonly comes with printing and stamping. Of course, there are some limitations to the detail level of blazer badges – considering that most of them incorporate their graphics through miniature stitches, you’ll typically be precluded from using any overly detailed graphics or things of that sort. On the other hand, as long as you show some creativity during the initial design of your blazer badges, you should have no problems using them to their full potential to achieve any look you might be going for.

Keep in mind that blazer badges may have originated within military clothing, but they’re hardly limited to it in general – many different clothing styles can benefit from the use of this accessory, no matter what your overall preference is in clothing. So even if you like to dress in plain, casual clothes, it’s still entirely possible to use blazer badges to add that extra bit of personality to your clothes.

Something else to remember is that blazer badges are a somewhat permanent addition to the clothes you use them on – “somewhat” because there are still ways to remove them from your clothes after you’ve added them, but it requires a lot of time and patience and isn’t possible in every single case. This means that you should have some foresight when you’re considering the addition of a specific blazer badge on your favorite shirt, for example – if you can’t see yourself wearing this in the long run but it’s rather more of an impulsive desire, then you should probably refrain from using blazer badges in that specific case.

And if you can’t find a badge with the specific designs you’re interested in adding to your clothes, don’t worry – many online stores that deal with these accessories nowadays give you the option to customize your order and get blazer badges with the exact graphic design you’re interested in for a typically low price. The precise variety of different options you’ll have is going to vary from one store to the other, so if the first one can’t suit your needs just keep looking for an alternative.

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